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Listing Your Real Estate


WITHIN 10 BUSINESS DAYS OF ACQUIRING LISTING: Property signage will be installed, a first class, full color, two-sided brochure will be produced and the property will be listed on Costar, Loopnet, MLS and our company website.

Property Signage

First Class Brochures

Online Listings

WITHIN 15 BUSINESS DAYS & THROUGHOUT: A dedicated property website will be created and an e-blast will be created and sent an average of every 2-3 weeks to over 400 commercial real estate professionals in the Greater Boston market and beyond. Each broker at OCP strives to complete at lease five cold calls each business day which include property specific calls for your property.

Dedicated Property Website

Dedicated Property Website

Cold Calls

Cold Calls

WITHIN 90 DAYS: Your listing will be featured in quarterly newsletter which is distributed through e-mail to over 4,000 real estate decision makers in the region and beyond.

 Our Quarterly Newsletter

Our Quarterly Newsletter Front

 Our Quarterly Newsletter

Our Quarterly Newsletter Back

With a time-tested formula for success in the sales and leasing of industrial buildings in Boston’s greater Metro West area and the Route 495 corridor, OCP boasts its regional expertise and results-oriented strategy.

O’Brien Commercial Properties, Inc. uses cutting edge tools and resources to propel its activities in the Greater Boston Area commercial real estate marketplace:

NATIONAL DATABASE- Our in-house brokerage and research team continuously track businesses and industry active in the Greater Boston markets.  Our extensive database and research packages are always being brought up to speed with the current market.

BROKER NETWORK- Our relationship with the Greater-Boston commercial brokerage community through daily correspondence has galvanized personal relationships and trust, enabling us to reach well beyond our direct clientele.

WEB PRESENCE- Being online with the nation’s largest providers of up-to-the-minute real estate press, statistical market data and property offerings, keeps OCP on the cutting edge.  Most importantly, this service enables our firm to list our clients’ property and/or obtain property for our clients from an extensive national network which is constantly being updated.  All of our property offerings are also available on public access websites maintained by a professional research team and constantly utilized by real estate buyers and decision makers.

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